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College Admission Essay Writing – Don’t Underestimate its Importance

Every fall, seniors begin the harried process of college applications. They either get online and download the Common Application which most colleges today use, or they send away for the application package of a school that does not use the Common. They start making lists of every activity, honor, award, leadership position, and volunteer gig they have had – all with the goal of making themselves look really appealing to admissions committees. The Guidance Office prepares their transcripts and test scores and sends those separately. There is just one thing left, and students sometimes put this off as long as possible – that admissions essay. If this sounds like you, you are making a mistake.

Are You Now Trying to Throw that Essay Together?

Big mistake. What you may not realize is that, when applicants look pretty much equal, that essay is what can “tip the scales.” Now, maybe you will understand the importance of getting this one right. So, here is your first step:

  1. Look at the prompts you have been given. Look at them very carefully. Study them. Which one really “fits” you the most? Which one will let you present yourself as a thoughtful, intelligent individual with something to offer?
  2. Start making a list of all the things you might include in the essay topic you have chosen. Make that list over a few weeks, no overnight.
  3. Pare down the list to things that directly relate to the prompt and that have been significant in your life.
  4. Then, you are finally ready to write the essay. And don’t forget – your grammar must be impeccable; you must have a stunning opening sentence; you must weave a great story; and you must have it done quickly to get that application in!

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