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Help with Scholarship Essays

Help With Scholarship Essay Writing

College is a costly endeavor. But you already know that, now that you have been exploring your choices. There will be grants and loans, of course, but you know that every bit of scholarship money you can get will lower that loan amount and the ultimate amount you will have to pay back after you graduate. You have some work to do!

Finding Scholarships – Look Everywhere!

It’s not just the college that awards scholarships. You can get online and “Google” the word and come up volumes on organizations that offer them. And some are very restrictive, for example, only awarded to students with Native American ethnicity, or who had a relative who fought in the Korean or Vietnam Wars. Some are only for students who intend to pursue specific majors. You will find that you can search by keywords/phrases and find many that will “fit” you.

Apply for them All!

You can’t be lazy about this. Even if it’s only $500, that’s $500 less that you have to borrow! Suppose you could find 10 of those – there’s a cool $5000! So search a lot, make your list, request the application packages and get busy! There is just one thing – you will have to write an essay for each of them. And that’s where we come in.

Essays Deluxe has “Got You Covered”

Once you know have the applications, make a list of the essay prompts you have been given. Some of them will be similar enough that you can write one essay for 2-3 applications. Refine your list to the ones you need, and then come “see” us. You do that by filing out an order form for the essays and getting a personal writer assigned right away. Then you can give your writer all of that personal information that will be important to include.

You’ll get drafts for your review; you and your writer will discuss them; finally you will have the essays that you’ll be thrilled to submit. Our students have great success with the essays we write for them – you will too.

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