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Mathematical Modelings

Math Modeling – Eagle or Albatross?

The old expression, “an albatross around your neck” came from a poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” Today, it means that you have some big burden that is weighing you down. (The albatross is a really large bird with up to a 10-foot wing span). And students who are not prepared for math modeling projects will see them as albatrosses, to be sure. Unfortunately, they are not just for math coursework, either, because they deal with real-world problems in business, psychology, economics, science, IT, and sociology too. The idea of math modeling is to take a practical problem and reduce it to a mathematical formula which provides a solution that can be used now and for the same types of problems that arise in the future. Probably the most common experience that most people have with this concept is that which occurs in weather forecasting, because TV weather reporters often speak of their “mathematical models.”

This is all very nice, but how does it help you now, as you struggle with a modeling project for a course assignment? Probably not much.

Previous Experience Not Necessary – Come as You Are

You don’t need to have prior experience with math modeling to complete a project and get a decent grade. You only have to have the “smart” to get in touch with Essays Deluxe, provide the details of the project assignment in your order form, click “submit,” and put the “wheels in motion.” Very quickly you will have a qualified person in your field working on that project. You will know because you can access a personal account we give you, and you can check on progress or talk with your field expert at any time.

The point is this: You want to understand math modeling, but you don’t get it right now. With our expert help, you will see how such a project is designed – your current modeling project will be done and ready to turn in, but you will also have a great sample to use as you master the concept and process yourself.

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