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Problems Research

Math Problem Research – It’s What’s Up for that Degree

Most non-math people don’t understand that there are math problems that have been around for years, begging for solutions. You know it, though, because you are a grad student who has selected one of those problems for research – it’s your path to a Master’s or Ph.D. in your field.

And here’s the thing: Your work doesn’t just begin by tackling the problem. Oh, no, you have to research what everyone else has done to tackle this problem first, so you do not duplicate any of the non-solutions they came up with. Then, you have to build on that prior research and come up with your own potential solutions, test them, and, hopefully, add something significant to the existing body of research on that problem.

Biting Off A Lot to Chew – It’s What Mathematical Researchers Do

When you take on a problem research project in math, you already know that you may not find a solution. While others might find this frustrating, as you might, the greater goal is to contribute – to add something for future researchers to chew on. But how do you so this, especially when you are currently stalled in coming up with possible solutions to test?

You do the one thing that will get you “un-stalled” – You consult with a Ph.D. math scholar at S/he will be totally familiar with the problem you have selected, can help you locate and summarize the existing research, and can assist you in devising new solutions to test out. Chances are your expert has been chewing on this problem as well as you – that’s what mathematicians do!

Here’s How You Get Your Personal Assistant

Come over to and fill out an order form or talk with one of our customer support reps. We’ll find a Ph.D. mathematician just itching to “chew” on this problem some more. Together, you will collaborate and come up with some great options to test, and your problem research project will be well on its way.

Don’t delay – help out one of our math scholars who just needs an excuse to “get in the game” with you! 

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