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Help Frequently Asked Questions

Company Information

What kinds of writing do you do?

We provide any type of academic writing and coursework assignment completion for students beginning in high school and extending all the way through graduate studies. We also offer career and professional products and services, all types of business writing, and design and content for e-commerce enterprises.

How long have you been in business?

We have been around for several years now. While we began as an academic writing service, we have since added a number of services to meet the needs of career/business professionals and e-commerce entrepreneurs. Our reputation is now firmly established in this industry as one of the top online writing services.

What qualifications do your writers have?

This depends on the category of writing that they do. All of our writers have degrees and successful background experience, of course. But we divide them into categories based upon degrees, level of degrees and experience. We have writers with Bachelor’s through Ph.D.’s in all academic disciplines; we have degreed business management and administration professionals; we have website designers and content marketers; we have journalists and HR professionals. All customer orders are assigned to writers based upon writer qualifications.

The Ordering, Processing, and Delivery Procedures

How do I place a writing order?

We have an order form on our site, which you should complete in full before submitting. There are fields for you to complete that will let your give all of the instructions and specifications. If you have a complex order or if the order form does not “fit” what you need, you simply contact customer support and discuss the details.

What happens after I place an order and pay for it?

  • You receive an order confirmation from us via email – check over your order and make sure it is correct.
  • We assign your order to the most suitable writer.
  • We set you up with a personal account on our site, so that you can talk with your writer, upload any more details or materials, check on progress, and approve of the final draft you receive. Check this account page often - your writer may have questions.
  • Once a writer completes an order, s/he sends that piece over to our Quality Control Department. It is reviewed and checked for plagiarism. If the order is deemed to meet your original specifications and if it is of the quality we demand, it is then uploaded to your account page.
  • You receive an email notification that the final draft is ready.
  • You access your account page and open the product. If it pleases you, simply clock “approve” and it is ready to be downloaded.
  • If you wish some revisions, click that link and tell us what you want changed. Revisions are made and you are again notified when that happens so you can retrieve the product.
  • After you approve and download, the writing piece is yours – we delete it from our system so that there is never a chance that anyone will see it again.

How is cost determined and how do I make the payment?

Your cost is calculated as you complete the fields of the order form. It is based on page length, academic level if you are a student, requirements for research, deadline, and so forth. Once you have completed the order, you submit it and it is placed into your shopping cart.

When you are ready to check out, you will be asked what payment method you wish to use – credit or debit card, e-check, PayPal or wire transfer. The checkout process is just like with any other online business – fully secure.

What if I do not like what I receive?

We will make revisions, as you request and until you are happy. Please read through our Revision Policy for details.

FAQ’s For Students

Do you sell papers that are already written?

No, never. Nothing is ever written until it is ordered by a customer. Then, it is crafted from scratch according to the customer’s unique instructions. It will also be checked for plagiarism before it is sent over to you for approval.

Can you write anything?

Pretty much, yes. Whatever might be assigned, we will have a writer qualified to produce it. We “cover” all disciplines and all levels.

What types of writing can you do for graduate students?

We have Ph.D.’s in all areas who create projects, papers, and research, write and consult on these and dissertations.

Can I be guaranteed that if I run a plagiarism scan, nothing will show up?

Yes, we guarantee that – we have never had an incident of plagiarism.

Is my ordering writing work from you kept confidential?

We never reveal the names or other personal information of our customers to anyone, and we are very good at keep secrets!

If I have a problem and can’t get a hold of my writer what do I do?

Our customer support department is open 24 hours a day – call, email, message or chat with us at any time. We will resolve any issue you have immediately.

How do I know you are not just “spinning” writing that already exists?

You’ll know because, through your account page, you can talk with your writer at any time. There will be a real, qualified, expert producing your work from scratch.

FAQ’s for Career/Professional, Business and E-Commerce Customers

What types of business writing do you produce and who produces it?

We have experts with degrees in management, HR, logistics, accounting/finance, and administration who craft writing of any type – reports, strategic plans, proposals and plans, white papers, manuals and guides, press releases and news articles, marketing materials, and presentations (with PowerPoints if requested).

Do you create resumes?

Yes, we have a team of designers and HR pros who produce unique resumes, CV’s and cover letters, each one uniquely produced for the company and/or organization to which you are applying. Your resume will look like no other.

Do you have grant writers?

Yes, we do, and they are kept quite busy. We require the detailed requirements and specifications, and then will get right to work.

Can I get my research written up for publication or presentation?

Absolutely. You will have an exceptional writer with a Ph.D. in your field specialty to produce what you need.

Do you design websites?

We do that and much more. We either start from scratch or evaluate your existing site for user experience, attractiveness of design, speed, mobile compatibility, and so forth, and make your site a stunner. Our designers are some of the best in the business.

What kinds of copywriting services do you supply?

We have content and content marketing specialists for all of the following:

  • Text and content for websites
  • Business blogs – creation and continuous post publishing
  • SEO and content marketing strategies designs
  • Article writing
  • Press Releases
  • Social media pages and profiles
  • Email campaigns and newsletters
  • Product/Service reviews
  • Use of the latest graphics tools in all content
  • Metrics reports and other analytics to continue improvement of site and content
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