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Resume/CV Services

Resume/CV Services

Very different teams of people are needed to write resumes and CV’s. And this is probably the biggest failing of online resume/CV services. They have very small staffs, to keep costs down, and those staffs just don’t have the expertise for the variety of needs that clients have.

Great Resume Writers

It is impossible to think of just a writer crafting a resume. At Essays Deluxe, we find this a ludicrous notion. Stunning resumes require coordinated teams – a writer, a graphic designer, and an HR professional who is actually in the field and understands exactly which resumes get read and which do not.

The structure of resumes has really changed in recent years. They now include color, graphics when called for, and very creative writing that will capture the attention of a reader. Most essay writing services actually use the same templates that you can find anywhere, and they are old an outdated. Essays Deluxe, on the other hand, does not try to place clients in “boxes” so that all of their resumes look the same. Every candidate is unique, and every position is unique, so unique resumes must be designed.

 Candidates only get interviews when their resumes or CV’s have captured the interest of potential employers. When Essays Deluxe is in charge of writing these documents, the interviews are obtained.

CV Crafters – Different from Resume Crafters

It is almost impossible for the same individual to be skilled in both resume and CV writing – they require very different designs and types of writing. If you need a CV, you know you need:

  1. A fully scholarly piece of writing that details every bit of your educational background, your professional experience, and all publications, honors, awards, etc.
  2. A paragraph design, not short phrases and bullet points.
  3. A Ph.D. scholar from your own field to help with the creation.

This is why, at Essays Deluxe, CV’s are prepared by a two-member team of a designer and a Ph.D. in the field of the client. And different versions will be crafted, dependent upon the institution or organization to which the client may be applying.

Customized Uniqueness – It’s What We Do

You’ll love the results of our resume/CV services. You’ll love them even more as you get called for those interviews!

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