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Personal Statement

Personal Statement

My name is [Name] and I am currently working as a service advocate in a health insurance company called [Name]. I am applying for a Masters Degree in Counseling at the University because it does not only offer the best lessons dealing with health and science, but also specializes in advanced ABA. When I was undergoing my bachelor’s degree in FIU, I took several behavioral classes that helped me realize how fascinated I was in helping people out, especially kids with different kinds of disabilities, to reach their best potential possible.

In my working years, I have worked with people from different races and ethnic backgrounds, especially the Hispanic, and have had an insight on their financial struggle that they undergo so as to get health insurance plans. Working with different kinds of people has given me a chance to learn and counsel on health issues and activities to undertake. The problems I saw the poor people going through motivated me to undertake mental health counseling program and assist with professional guidance. I can contribute in helping the large mass of people in getting the professional advice and help they necessarily need.

The main reason for desire to undertake the program is my niece who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, corpus collusum, hypotonia and development delay. She is three years old and is not able to run, talk, walk and even play as a normal kid. Due to this medical reason she undergoes multiple therapies that help with her unique problem. For a small child, it is hard to understand what she is going through and the pain she is experiencing. When I get a good education on health, I will be able to help her with growing and development in the most appropriate way. This is the principal cause that makes me interested in getting my masters degree in health counseling.

I discovered my love to children in the moment I was employed at the School as a lead after the academic teacher. As adults, we have the power to make a positive impact on a child’s life as long as you love, support and encourage them. I also did a research and realized that working with kids who have special abilities is more crucial since they need more care and attention. My career has brought me closer to helping disabled children and financially unstable people in finding solace. I want to acquire master’s degree for the sake to be able to help people with health problems by providing my professional advice to them.

I would love the opportunity to join the University, so that I can make my dreams come true. Given the chance to study at this school, I will be able to offer my help to a lot of disadvantaged individuals. The University offers the best counseling classes and the experience got by the end of the academic year assures one of becoming good. I have not had a first hand opportunity to work with disabled children, but the experience I have gained from my niece is enough to give me the motivation in helping out other children with the similar problems.

In this generation children are the most affected with various diseases. They should get love, attention and care. The poor people should be offered free advice so that they are able to seek the right medical health and also know how to treat disabled children or family members who are disadvantaged. As much as my personal and professional experience have made me gain a little experience on health, I want to challenge by gaining more knowledge on mental health counseling and offer a helping hand in the health and science department.

As I have worked in [company’s name], I was able to bond with some of the clients that came my way. They shared their personal problems with me and I was able to offer a listening ear. I realized I was able to make them feel much better by just paying attention to what they have to say. Talking out of one’s problems has made me feel extremely rewarded.

Even though I am offered what I want professionally is to be the one who helps children as well as offers them an opportunity to feel comfortable in the community. It is said that before a person pursues an academic course, they are supposed to be motivated by something or rather have a reason for wanting to learn it. I have stated a few of my reasons plus how my career path has strayed to the health faculty. With all this I am hoping I will be accepted into the University and be a hero to most of the challenged children in the world. 


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