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Website Content Writing

Website Content from Scratch – Let’s Play “Who do You Trust.”

If your website is more than 2 years old, or if you are just beginning your online presence, you know that you have options:

  1. You can design or re-design your site by yourself, using one of many tools for such a project that are all over the web. They have templates to use, and you can get yourself a site that looks like everyone else’s – boring.
  2. You can hire a professional web design and content company and literally pay thousands of dollars to have this done.
  3. You can come to the design and content pros at, pay far less, and get a website with content that is absolutely extraordinary

What Exactly is Content?

If you are thinking that content is only the words that you place on each page of your site, along with some buttons, links, and calls to action, you are sorely mistaken. Content today means everything about your design, your colors, your backgrounds, your text, your media, your blog, and more. It is the entire impression and appeal that you give to visitors. It entails giving you the speed you need, so that visitors don’t “bounce” out; it means making the right adjustments for mobile devices and decisions about what content is best to display on those devices; it means user testing every element to ensure that your site functions perfectly. These are the things that the online, do-it-yourself website design companies don’t tell you; these are the things that others charge a fortune for.

These are the things that designers and content specialists do in extraordinary ways for reasonable cost.

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