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Blogpost Writing

Blogpost Writing – the Art and Science of it All

Too many e-commerce entrepreneurs think they can simply have a business blog, post a few things now and then, and maybe visitors to their sites will click on the link to that blog every once in a while. They are missing the whole point! Blogs are not designed for site visitors to access if they feel like it. Blogs are designed to attract visitors from the outside!

The Scientific Approach

Analytics and metrics now tell us what your target market wants, where your target market hangs out on the web, and the kinds of problems they need solved by the product or service you offer. Armed with that information, blogposts can be written to appeal precisely to your market audience.

The “science” also tells us how to use keywords, social media, and other venues to drive your target market to your blog. Once there, however, the “art” takes over.

The Artistic Approach

So, your visitors have come to your blog for a reason – they want to be entertained; they want to be engaged; they want humor; they want their problems solved; they want stories. What they don’t want is massive amounts of boring text to pour through. And this is where the creativity of presentation comes in:

  • Catchy headlines and sub-topics that will draw attention immediately
  • Bulleted items that can be scanned easily
  • Human interest stories about customers and the company team
  • Lots of pictures, infographics and even videos
  • Regular new posts so that there is always something new to read
  • Opening sentences that grab attention immediately
  • Easy ways to comment, ask questions, and share

If you blog posts are not doing all of this, then you are missing a huge opportunity to bring in traffic, at least some of which will be converted to avid followers and ultimate customers.

You Need

Our team of designers and content marketers are masters of setting up and maintaining a blog for you. All you have to do is give us access. We’ll set up the perfect platform and plug-ins, find your target audience, create the posts and make certain that everything is in place to bring in that traffic! Contact customer support today, and let’s talk!

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