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Dissertation Chapter - Abstract

The Dissertation Abstract – Like a Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you have ever taken a hot air balloon ride or, for that matter, looked down at the earth from the window of an airplane, you get a large, overall view of what is below. The details are not clear – just a general landscape. This is what it is like to write a dissertation abstract. You have to shed all of the details and get the “landscape” view, and then translate that view to a one-page piece of writing.

The Devil Really is in the Details

For the doctoral candidate who has just finished a dissertation, the abstract may be the most difficult piece of writing yet – summarizing months of work and information gathering in a single page. Those devilish details keep creeping in!

You have read many, many abstracts in the course of your graduate studies and the production of your dissertation. You want to emulate them, and you are trying, but it is just not coming together. You need someone who can get up in the hot air balloon and describe the landscape without the detail – you need a writer from Essays Deluxe.

What Our Landscape Writers Can Do

If you have had a dissertation consultant from us during your production process, that expert can prepare a great abstract for you – s/he has done so many times before. If you have not, however, all is not lost. You will need to supply us with your research question, the methods used in your research, and the conclusions of that research, along with recommendations for future research that you included in your written discussion/conclusion chapter. Sometimes, submitting your methodology, results and discussion chapters may be a good idea. The assigned abstract writer will carefully study your research and conclusions and prepare an abstract that will be exactly right for inclusion in your final dissertation document. This is an expert writer who is also objective and “removed” from the months of work you have endured.

Don’t struggle with this last piece – Place an order, upload your material, and we’ll have an abstract back to you quickly. 

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