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Editing – Yes, It’s Necessary

If you think that final draft of your research paper, reaction paper, or case study is ready to go, you are wrong. Never, ever turn in even smaller writings, like an essay, book report or article without a final edit. Why? Because researchers tell us that writers are emotionally attached to their products and will fail to catch even some large issues, not to mention smaller ones. That’s why authors have editors.

Authors Don’t Get Grades – You Do

Your term paper, lab report, or research summary for a biology class will be evaluated, in part, by your grammar and composition skills, even though that may seem a bit unfair – you’re a science, not an English major, right? Nevertheless, that’s the way it “rolls,” so before you turn in any written coursework, someone else should review and edit it – someone who has strong English composition skills.

Essays Deluxe has the English Heavyweights

No matter what you have written – a book review, and article critique, a thesis or a dissertation, you can get one of our English “aces” to give it the review it needs. Your annotated bibliography could have format mistakes; that movie review may have structural issues. Editors on our team will fix problems in coherency, paragraph and sentence structure, ensure that your transitions are good ones, repair any mechanical or formatting errors, and send back to you a piece of writing that is really ready to go.

Remember, instructors and professors are impressionable – when they read a written work that has no English errors, they are happy. And “happy” instructors give better grades!   

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