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Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter

The Dissertation Introduction Chapter – Act I, Scene 1

You’ve read at least one Shakespearian play, and you know that there is always a prologue during which a narrator prepares the audience for what they are about to see. That introduction is meant to pique enough interest so that the audience is anticipating what is to come with great interest. You dissertation introduction chapter is your prologue to quite a lengthy and complex piece of writing, and your goal should be just like Shakespeare’s narrators – get them engaged!

Here’s the Big Tip – Write it Last

You will really not know what you want to say in your introduction until the entire work is finished. If you write it first, in fact, you will only end up scrapping it for a re-write, so save yourself the time and energy.

And think about this: You will need to find the perfect balance among several purposes. The introduction must engage your reader from the onset; it must deliver the passion that you have had for this project; and it must also remain scholarly in tone – no small feat!

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Rather than struggle trying to get all of those important elements in that introduction, why not turn that over to a Ph.D. field expert who has written many introductions before yours? S/he can craft a chapter that will meet all of the purposes for which it was intended and be a great opening act.

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