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Making Personal Statement

Making Personal Statement Writing Pop

Personal statement essays are usually requirements for admissions application packages for graduate or professional academic programs and, often, for research positions. Lately, however, they are popping up as a part of employment application processes, as potential employers assess candidates’ passion and commitment, as well as their written communication skills.

Here’s How this Usually Rolls

You will be given 4-5 prompts, just as you were when you applied for undergraduate school. But you will probably have to choose at least 2 this time. And you probably remember the “drill.” The prompts will relate to some of the following things:

  1. Life experiences that have impacted you significantly and have helped to shape who you are today and how that relates to the program you wish to pursue.
  2. Your career goals, both short- and long-term
  3. How your undergraduate work has prepared you for the program you now want to enter
  4. What you think you can contribute to the academic community you will be entering
  5. What you want to contribute to the business or professional community you intend to join in the future
  6. What leadership roles you have assumed and how those have improved your team building or interpersonal relationship skills.

So, How Much Do You Want This?

If you answer is “really badly,” then you are probably ready for the program or position. Now to those essays – they have to be extraordinary on all counts – creative, engaging, and perfectly composed. It’s time to bring in the “big guns.”

Essays Deluxe is the Only Big Gun You Need

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