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Dissertation Chapter - Literature review

The Dissertation Literature Review Chapter – an Exercise in Endurance

Your dissertation is much like a long cross-country race. You need to develop a steady pace of work so that you finish that race successfully and have not “burned out” your energy before the finish line. The literature may very well threaten to burn out that energy if you are not careful.

Face it – You Really Want to Get on With Your Research

The one thing that excites you about your dissertation is that you will be conducting some original research. The literature review chapter is not where any excitement lies at all – it is like a large research paper that requires a lot of tedious searching, reading, taking notes, synthesizing, and writing. Further, there is always that nagging worry that you have forgotten or did not find that one piece of important research that one of your committee members knows well and insists must be included. That, you don’t want, because it means a re-write. Why not find another solution option?

Be a Good Problem-Solver and Choose the Essays Deluxe Solution

Instead of putting off that literature review and thus slowing down progress on your entire work, make a choice to get some confidential and scholarly help from a credentialed Ph.D. at Essays Deluxe. Submit your topic and research question, and we can find the perfect researcher for you – one who is already familiar with the research that should be included in your review and who can produce a sound chapter based upon the most relevant and current research that precedes yours.

It’s a simple choice really: Either grit your teeth and agonize over a task you really dislike, or delegate it to one who can complete it far more easily. Contact us today, and keep your energy for the rest of the race.

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