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Creating LinkedIn Pro Bio

Creating a LinkedIn Pro Bio – It’s All About the Right Exposure

When is the last time you reviewed your LinkedIn profile? Do you even have a profile? Here’s what you need to know. LinkedIn profiles are not just placed there for your friends to see. You will want to join the many groups and network for possible career moves; you may want potential employers to find you and read your profile, and, actually they will, if they are considering you for a position within their organizations.

With so much riding on the impression you are making, it probably does not make sense for you to create your own profile. These are like mini-resumes, and LinkedIn itself is like a huge clearinghouse for professionals to connect, network, and search for career positions. It is also a place for organizations to search, by keywords, for potential candidates for positions they are trying to fill. Letting an outdated or “lack-luster” profile sit there is just not smart.

A Professional Biographer – Even Though You are Not Famous! has professional profile creators who understand both the value of LinkedIn and the need for a profile to be perfect and compelling. This is what they do every day. And here’s what they can do for you:

  1. They will take your current profile, review it, evaluate it for composition, presentation, and keywords, and make suggestions for improvements. They may send you several versions for your review and comment.
  2. They will create a new profile for you, if you do not yet have one.
  3. Your responsibility in all of this is to send over the details of your educational and professional background, so that we have the information with which to work.

Social Media is Not Going Away – Embrace it!

The time is almost upon us when social media will be the route one must take to find a career position. All of your profiles, friends, associates, posts, comments, etc. speak to who you are, and these things will be more important than any resume you may submit. You cannot leave anything to “chance.” That’s why has an entire department dedicated to social media profiles.

Take advantage of the expertise we provide – Get a LinkedIn profile that will make you “shine!”

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