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Making Article Critique

Analysing Written Works

Reading and analyzing written works is a great way for students to develop a better understanding of what good writing is, and what it is not. Article critiques are writing assignments that provide students with the opportunity to do this. A second function of the article critique is that it informs future readers about the article by answering the questions, who would find this article useful, and what are the articles shortcomings?

In order to effectively write an article critique, the student must come up with a standardized set of criteria that they will use to judge the merits of the article. Sometimes these criteria are set by the instructor. In other cases the criteria are set by the student. Typical criteria might include:

  • Relevance
  • Use of Sources that are Current and Trustworthy
  • Ease of Readability
  • Factual Accuracy
  • Whether or not the Title is Appropriate
  • The Appropriateness and Usefulness of Tables, Charts, Graphs, and other Images
  • The Existence of Omissions or Gross Misrepresentations
  • Clarity

These criteria are set so that the author of the critique has standards to use when reading the article and writing the critique.

Between reading the article, taking the time to establish the criteria, taking notes, and writing the critique, a student can expect to dedicate several hours of time to writing a single critique. This amount of time increases if the article is particularly long or complex.

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