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Dissertation Chapter - Results

Dissertation Results Chapter – the Cake is Baked

You’ve mixed in all of the ingredients and put your methodology into operation, just like a cake baking in the oven. Now the timer has gone off, the data has been collected, and the next task is to report those results in a manner that presents an exceptionally clear and careful collation of that data. This will require two things – an excellent prose summary of those results that flows smoothly, just like icing a cake, and great graphic depictions of that data, just like carefully designed decorations on top of that icing. If you are lacking expertise in either of these skills, your results will not be clear to the readers, and you will be re-working that writing and those graphics.

The Cake Decorator – Your Personal Writer and/or Graphic Designer from Essays Deluxe

Here is the point. The data you have gathered must be organized and presented well, both in written form and in charts and graphs, etc. that make sense and give a great visual representation. You have your data; what you can do now is work a bit smarter and turn it over to a Ph.D. scholar who then can turn it into a stellar results chapter that will impress any reader.  

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