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Proofreading – Just in Case

The science professor who is about to get your essay, lab report, or research summary? He may also be a master of English who becomes very irritated when coursework assignments are grammatically sloppy.

The point is this: you never know, when you submit a book review, an article, or a business case study, how much weight may be given to basic composition skills, even punctuation, by an instructor in any non-English course. So, do yourself a favor. Before turning in that final draft of a book report or term paper in your history class, pretend that it is being submitted to an English professor. What would you do in that case? You would pour over it for any mistakes, wouldn’t you? Or, if you are not really good with all that grammar and punctuation stuff, you would get somebody else who is, right? And if that somebody else is busy with his/her own article critique, movie review, or reaction paper, what then?

Essays Deluxe is Your “What Then”

You never have to worry about one of our proofreaders being too busy – we have plenty of them, and they are definitely part of the “grammar police” – catching every mistake in agreement, verb tense, sentence structure and spelling or punctuation. Nothing gets by their watchful eyes and expertise – count on it. So, if you have finished a small written assignment or something major like a thesis or dissertation, send it on over. We have a cop ready to investigate!

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