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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

The Dissertation Discussion Chapter – The Meal is Served

Everyone has unique strengths, just as different types of foods provide different purposes. A full meal, for example, includes a main dish, a couple of side dishes, and a dessert. Students, likewise, may have strengths in math, or composition, or critical thinking in varying degrees. The discussion chapter, however, requires exceptional skills in all of these areas, so that the “full meal,” is truly present.

  1. Data must be statistically analyzed to demonstrate significance
  2. Conclusions must be reached regarding significance and the relevance and importance to the research question
  3. Constraints and nuisance factors must be explained and accounted for
  4. All of the analysis must be presented in exceptional prose writing as well as in charts, graphs, and figures that are expertly designed.

You Need a Team of Chefs for this Meal

When you come to Essays Deluxe for help with your discussion chapter, we will ask for your research question and all of the data that you have gathered and reported in your methodology chapter. If you have been using our services all along, of course, this is just the next step in the collaboration between you and our consultant. For the discussion chapter, however, we have on board the following people to create the perfect chapter:

  1. Your research and writing consultant
  2. A graphic designer to create the perfect visuals
  3. A statistician to run the numbers

With this team, you will have all of the skill set needed to get this chapter produced, ready to be added to your growing project. You are close to the finish line and we are ready to help you get there!

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