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Cover Letter Writing Help

Cover Letter Writing Help – You Resume Can’t Leave Home Without It!

In years past, cover letters were rather an after-thought in the whole job search process. Most candidates had a “canned” one-size-fits-all letter that accompanied every resume they put in an envelope and mailed out. And typically, hiring managers didn’t even give them a glance, going straight for the resume instead. Somewhere along the line all of that changed.

Cover Letters Get 3 Seconds

Now, a cover letter may actually get a glance at the first sentence. And, if that first sentence immediately catches the reader, that cover letter actually gets read. And if the rest of that cover letter is as good as the first sentence, the resume is going to get more than the 6 seconds that resumes typically get. So, if you want to add one more layer of selling yourself and getting that interview, the cover letter is that layer.

Here’s What You Don’t Do

  • You don’t say, “With great interest, I noted your posting for a position as…………….”
  • You don’t say, “Please consider me an applicant for the position of………….”
  • You don’t say, “I am applying for the position of …………..”
  • You don’t say, “Please see the attached resume for the position of……………..”

Here is What You Could Say

You could say, “8 years as a (insert position) have taught me the following important things about…………..”

You have established that you have plenty of experience, and the reader now wants to know what you have learned.

And Here is What You Should Do

Get a cover letter pro at Essays Deluxe. Give the details of the positions and the companies to which you are applying. S/he will craft a unique and creative cover letter for each of them – one that will get more than the standard 3 seconds.

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