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Resume Design Services

Resume Design Services – Change Your Thinking

If you have been producing you own resumes, using online design templates, you probably have a nice, standard resume – one that looks like every other resume in the pile. And that’s the problem.

You’ve Got 6 Seconds – tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick

The average amount of time spent screening a resume is 6 seconds, before a decision is made to trash it or save it for further review. Your first goal in the job hunt is to make it to the “for further review” pile, and that is done by having a design that stands out among the crowd and that is specifically crafted for each organization’s “culture.”

Customizing Designs

Let’s suppose you are an IT specialist. You are looking for a position in a variety of organizations – a bank, an investment firm, a large national retailer, and a startup. Based on the position descriptions and your own research of each organization, it is obvious that the “cultures” vary a lot. So, your resume design for each has to vary a lot too. You have to figure out a design that “fits” the company and yet still sets you apart, and that can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you are not skilled in graphics.

Here’s the Point – Resume Design is Best Left to the Pros

You need someone who designs resumes for a living – a creative pro who knows how to craft a design to meet any organization. This will involve color, graphics, and other elements, depending upon the company to which it is going. A single resume design will not meet your needs anymore.

Design Pros at Essays Deluxe – They do it Right

Send us your current resume and listing of positions for which you want to apply. Our pros will research each organization and design a customized resume for each one – a resume that will grab the attention of the reader at first glance – count on it!

We can have resumes back to you within hours – let’s get you that job!

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