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Dissertation/Thesis proposal

The Dissertation/Thesis Proposal – It’s Your Embryo

You have waited a long time for this. All those courses; all those papers, projects and late nights. You are ready to begin that thesis or dissertation, and it really is like going through a pregnancy. The topic and research question were the point of conception. Now you are at the embryo stage where you must craft that proposal, because you will never get any further until it is approved.

Getting that Approval – It’s Like the First Sign of Life

Your proposal has several key elements:

  1. Presentation of your research question clearly and precisely
  2. Summary of a bit of existing research in order to justify the importance of the research you propose
  3. Explanation of what you hope to demonstrate and contribute to your field
  4. Brief description of the research methodology you intend to pursue
  5. General timeline for completion

Unfortunately, advisors and committees feel a need to reject at least your first proposal, finding elements that are missing or not fully discussed. And in frustration, you go back to revise and re-write, wondering if this whole project is even worth it.

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With a Ph.D. specialist in your research field, you can have a proposal that will impress even the most critical member of that committee. Whether you have a proposal that has been rejected or you are just beginning to formulate yours, getting the right help will make all the difference and get you over the very first hurdle of your project work.

And here’s the important point: with approval that you are sure to get, that little embryo of a research question is now ready to grow! 

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