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Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing – Don’t Try to Compete with the “Big Boys”

Apple launches its new Apple Watch; a major electronics manufacturer merges with another; a new CEO is named to a major retail chain. Your new product line pales in comparison to these announcements, so you have no chance of spreading your news, right? Not right! You just have to understand where your market is and where your press release will actually get coverage. You are not competing with the big boys here – you are competing for “press” with other companies similar to yours.

Press Releases are Not Just for the New York Times Anymore

Thanks to the Internet, there are all sorts of great spots for press releases – social media, smaller news outlets that your customers visit, and so forth. So, there may be times when you want to make newsworthy announcements, but first you must do the following:

  1. Conduct the research and find out where your target audience hangs out
  2. If you also want local, traditional press, what are the smaller news outlets that are still producing a hard copy print publication?

You need to make your list of news outlets first. Once you have that list, you know where to go when you have important news to share.

Now The Big Question – What Constitutes a Press Release?

If you are not a journalist, then you do not know how a press release is structured and what it must contain. You need a real journalist – like the ones at And here’s what they will do for you:

  • Your personally assigned journalist will comb the web, finding your customer hangouts, maintaining that list and continually looking for new ones.
  • That journalist will then pick your brain for any truly newsworthy content
  • The press release will then be fashioned and distributed to all of the channels and outlets on the list.

Press releases are not advertisements, and if they look like ads, no outlet will publish them. So, you have to come up with stories and announcements that are of solid interest. That’s the job of your journalist – to turn what really is advertising into a press release that gets accepted!

Try us out – you will be thrilled with the results, because we have the pros who can really do this! Email, chat or call us – we never close!

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