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Developing Website Review

Developing Website Review Procedures and Activities – Not for Amateurs

If you have a website, how do you know if it is functioning at an optimum level and is getting the traffic and “staying power” that you want? Would you like to convert more visitors? Do you know how to optimize SEO? If you are an e-commerce entrepreneur, you do not have the skills to review your own site for its effectiveness.

The Many Facets of Website Review

Everything about your site needs to be reviewed and tested.

  1. Is the design attractive and appealing? Do visitors find the color, the media and the text visually attractive?
  2. How easy is it to navigate around your site? Does is load quickly (visitors are pretty impatient)? Does each page load quickly?
  3. What do the analytics say about the pages most and least visited? Where do potential customers “bounce” out?
  4. Are your CTA’s and CTA buttons doing their jobs? If not, how can they be fixed?
  5. Do you have a blog that is regularly visited? Is it filled with great informational and entertaining content? Can visitors comment and share easily? Is your blog linked to all social media sites?
  6. Are you attracting visitors through social media?
  7. Are mobile users getting the best experience when they access your site from their devices?

All of this and more will be included in a full website review by our professional copywriting and design staff. We will then make recommendations for changes that will certainly improve visitor experience and traffic. Remember, the traffic has to come before conversions are made!

You Control What We Do

Once we have completed our review, you will receive a report of data and recommended changes. And once you approve those changes? Our design and content teams will get to work!

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