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Making News Article

Making News Articles That Get Picked Up? Good Luck!

If you haven’t read a newspaper lately, you’re forgiven! Print, hard copy journalism is on its way out, and web-based news media outlets are taking over. But here’s the thing. What these outlets decide is worthy of a news article has not changed, and if you are trying to submit news articles on your own, you are wasting your time.

Getting the Attention of Local and Web News Media Outlets

First and foremost, you have to have something that is newsworthy. Are you introducing a new product or service? Are you merging with another business? Have you opened a new store? Are you going online with your products and/or service for the first time? You have to make your own news and make it important enough that a news media outlet will want to share it.

Second, you have to decide where your target audience gets its news. Are you primarily local with a website presence as well? Do you need to appeal both to local and national/international customers who may want to buy your product online?

Third, you have to write a news article that is fresh, compelling, provides great human interest, entertains, and informs – a pretty big order for anyone without a degree and background in print journalism.

The Point Is – You Need a Real Journalist

The principles of what makes good journalism have not changed. And those who have the training and the background can take your story and turn it into good journalism. Those individuals are at, waiting to weave your tale into a newsworthy item.

Get your own personal journalist by contacting the customer support desk right now! You’ve got a story to tell – we have the perfect people to tell it!

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