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Insanely Easy Pricing System

Our Dear Customer! You should know, that offers the most easy-to-understand pricing system you may ever see. Basically, there are only 4 aspects that effect the final fee:

  • Your academic level ( year of study)
  • Number of pages/slides/questions you need for the paper
  • Urgency - how soon your paper should be done
  • Type of assignment - the price depends on the product type

As you see - it is easy! Simply choose all these points and do not forget - no extra charges are hidden!


Look how many types of discount we have to offer! We are pretty sure that you are extremely glad to have either of these discounts we offer. Enjoy our accumulative discount system. It is clear and comprehensive –

the more pages your order counts, the higher discount is. The given below table shows how many pages you need to place in order to fully benefit from our discount system! Make sure you are logged-in when you place an order - this helps to accumulate the discounts.


NOTE: No special code is needed. All discounts are applied automatically as soon as you reach the PayPal page.

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