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Rewriting – It’s Not How You Planned to Spend the Evening!

Rewriting is a student fact of life. Most often, you have finished the rough draft of a research paper, an essay, or some other important work, like an article critique. You know you have to rewrite it in final form, so you grit your teeth and do it. Sometimes, that term paper or research summary is returned by a professor, giving you the option to rewrite it so you don’t have to take a bad grade; maybe that annotated bibliography was formatted incorrectly; perhaps that article you wrote for journalism class has flaws; or how about that book review that you wrote from “Sparks Notes” with plagiarism that was discovered? Fortunately, you instructor is kind and is giving you a second chance.

The Jeans are Just Too Tight!

Finding the time to rewrite a case study, a lab report, or a book report, when you have that movie review or other coursework assignments due, is a lot like trying to fit into a pair of jeans that shrunk n the dryer. It is just not going to happen in the time you have left. And if it’s something big, like a section of a thesis or part of a dissertation chapter, you are really sunk.

So Here’s How This is Going to Go

Whether your rewrite involves something as basic as a book report, or something more complex like a reaction paper, you are going to fill out that simple order form on the Essays Deluxe site, upload the piece that has to be rewritten, and let us hand it over to an expert in that field for the rewrite. You get busy on your other stuff and we’ll let you know as soon as it is finished!

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