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Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-Choice Questions Testing – Instructors Love It – You, Not So Much

Everyone remembers those standardized tests from high school – you know, the ones which asked you to fill in the bubble of the correct answer, usually among four choices. You never did well on them, and teachers told your parents you were just not a good “test taker.” That hasn’t changed, but now the multiple choice tests have some pretty real consequences – grades! And these tests are more common than ever, because they are now automatically graded and the scores recorded without an instructor having to do anything. For you, however, these tests are nightmares.

Multiple Guessing – Is This You?

Many students have this endearing name for how they take multiple choice tests, for that is pretty much what they do when taking them. You can take the guesswork out of these tests, however, if you just come to and order them up.

A Concierge for Every Subject

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. When you know that a multiple choice test is coming, get onto the Essays Deluxe website and get your order form completed.
  2. We need to know the following: What is the subject and, within that subject, what is the content that will be covered on the test? What the date timeframes within which the test must be taken? Is the test timed or untimed?
  3. In addition to that, we will need your login information so that your subject area specialist can access the test.

That’s it. We will confirm your order by email, and the next you will hear from us is notification that the test has been taken. You can then login to your course portal and view the results – and, of course, do your happy dance!

We can provide a test-taker in for any course at any academic level. Let’s get these done!

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