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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

The Dissertation Methodology Chapter – Recipe for Success or Disaster

When you wrote your dissertation proposal, you had a pretty good idea of the research design you intended to use. You have spent a lot of time figuring out many things. If you research is quantitative, will you have experimental and control groups? Will you choose instead to provide the “treatment” to a random sampling of your identified population? What precise treatment(s) will you administer, and what instruments will you design or select to gather the data on that treatment. If your research is qualitative, you will need to do much the same thing – find your sample and administer your design – interviews, surveys, questionnaires, etc.

Your methodology is like a recipe – each ingredient must be carefully added in the right sequence, in order to get the results you want.

Getting Help from a Master Chef

This is probably the first time that you have ever designed and implemented an original research project. For the Ph.D.’s at, however, it is most certainly not. At one time, they designed their own research studies and they have been helping other students in their fields design theirs for a long time. They really are the master chefs at this, and can help student with methods and instruments that will ensure validity of the research.

The point is this: The methodology chapter “makes” or “breaks” your entire work. If it is not right, if any ingredient has been left out, your study is flawed, and your committee will be quick to point that out before sending you back to do it all over again.

Take a smart step here: Get a consultant from Essays Deluxe who can ensure that your recipe is absolutely correct!

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