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Writing Product Review

Writing Product Review Copy Yourself? Not Too Smart

Customer reviews of products and services are all over the web. And, unfortunately, the majority tend to be negative, and here’s why:

  • Consumers who are mad about something tend to sound off. Those who are satisfied tend to remain silent.
  • Competitors love writing phony reviews to denigrate a competing business, and despite the best efforts of review services, this cannot be controlled. And, of course, anything said on social media is fair game whether true or not.

Don’t Fight the Battle – Win the War

If you try to write your own product reviews, or have anyone else tasked with them, you are making a common mistake. They all begin to sound the same, and, of course, lose their credibility. And, you may not know all of the places to publish them either – your competitor probably does, though.

So, here is how you win this “war.” You get Essays Deluxe copywriters to take over this task, because they know exactly how to launch the perfect campaign of product or service reviews that will work.

War Strategies that Work

When you order a product review campaign from us, here is what happens:

  • We comb the web to see where reviews for your niche are being published.
  • We develop a campaign of regularly scheduled reviews to be published at appropriate intervals that will keep your brand “up front.”
  • Every review will sound completely different – our copywriters are masters at this.

When you have doing this, it will always be done right! Give us a “shout out” today and let’s see how we can get this campaign going!

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