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Professional CV Editing

Professional CV Editing – You Need This!

If you getting back into the job market and your CV is more than 6 months old, you cannot just add the last 6 months of work description and think it will suffice. If you have written a new CV and you are getting no play, even though you are clearly qualified for the position, then the problem is the CV. In both of these instances, you absolutely need to have someone look over that document and make some solid suggestions for change. And that someone needs to be another professional from your field.

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Unless you are seeking your first career position (and in that case, you really need an editor), you probably do not want to let it be known that you are launching a search. So, going to a colleague within your institution or organization is not wise. Even if that person is a trusted friend, things have a way of “slipping out” in casual conversation. No, you need someone not connected with your current work; you need a Ph.D. from your field who can provide an objective analysis of your current CV and make some solid suggestions for changes. You need a consultant from

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We have Ph.D.’s on staff who assist graduate students with all sorts of research and writing needs. They are current in their fields, and, quite often, they write CV’s for job seekers in those fields. Your personal consultant can give you the objective third eye you need, to review, edit and polish that CV, so that it meets the culture of organization(s) and/or institution(s) to which you are applying.

Don’t put this off – if you really want to get the CV read, send it over to us on your order form, and we’ll send back to you a stunning document.

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